The E-commerce in Bulgaria is governed by several different laws: the Electronic Commerce Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Commerce Act, the Personal Data Protection Act.

Тhese laws impose obligations on traders who offer their products online to provide consumers with a certain mandatory amount of information about the product or service, product warranties, if any, information about the trader, its general terms and conditions.

The Electronic Commerce Act allows businesses to freely send commercial messages to legal entities, unless they have stated that they do not wish to receive them. However, Bulgarian law prohibits the sending of commercial messages to consumers without their prior consent.

Regarding the personal data protection, according to the applicable law, the online traders may retain information or receive access to information kept on the consumer’s device, whenever they provide the consumers clearly and fully with information on the identity and the contact details of the administrator and, where applicable, of the administrator’s representative, the purposes of the personal data processing and the legal basis for the processing. Traders also must provide consumers at all times with the option to receive information about data relating to them that the trader is storing.